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small hookah12" Junior Modern Hookah

This super-convenient, high quality hookah offers the modern design of a small sized hookah with all of the advantages of a large hookah, at a great price.

12" Junior Hookah
Retail Price $69.99

medium size hookah
Medium 17 " Syrian Hookah

This beautiful, hand-crafted hookah offers exquisite Egyptian design and stands on a glass base at a comfortable height of 17 inches.

The Junior Egyptian 17" hookah was fashioned with care from top to bottom. The body is made of lightweight polished stainless steel for aesthetic and functional durability. It is rust resistant, enabling you to enjoy your smoking for many years to come. With the thick glass base adding extra curve, your smoking enjoyment will always be enhanced by this unique expression and design.

17" syrian Hookah
Retail Price: $79.99

statue of liberty hookah
26" Statue of Liberty Hookah

This beautiful, hand-crafted hookah offers exquisite Egyptian design and stands on a glass base at a comfortable height.

The Statue of Liberty hookah was fashioned with care from top to bottom Includes 1 hose. Glass base. Gold colored stem.

26" Liberty Hookah
Retail Price: $89.99

medium size hookah

24" Light Up Syrian Hookah

Be the life of the party! Great for relaxing with company in a low lighting situation. Made from only the finest materials.  Includes 1 hose. Acrylic base.

24" Light Up Syrian Hookah
Retail Price: $109.99

Wholesale Price:

hookah doubleThe 22" Double Hose Hookah

Smoke your herbal shisha or legal herbs / tobacco together for the ultimate hookah smoking experience.

If you are a fan of intimate smoking occasions or are simply looking to comfortably accommodate group smoking, the Double Hose Hookah is where it's at. Two long hoses protrude from a durable, solid metal base, making it easier to smoke together and more fun for everyone. In short, the Double Hookah Hose keeps things going.

22" Double Hose Hookah
Retail Price: $99.99

Wholesale Price:


Notice: All vaporizers sold on this website are intended for legal aromatherapy use. You must be 18 to purchase.  We ship vaporizers to US and Canada only.

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